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Make the Most of Your Backyard Paradise with These BBQ Tips

Posted by Ed Abdou on June 5, 2019

Summer is just around the corner, which means so is barbeque season! Whether you have a large, green backyard or a shared patio space in your condo building, nothing says summer like bringing together great friends and good food with a barbeque.

So here’s to summer! Enjoy these tips to guarantee your BBQ is the talk of the neighbourhood.

BBQ Tip #1: Go Charcoal for Smoky Flavour

Of course tip #1 for a successful BBQ is to make sure you have the right barbeque! While there’s theoretically nothing wrong with a gas one, it won’t give you that smoky flavour we all crave when BBQing. Instead, go for a charcoal one (for the flavour) that has a lid (to lock in both the flavour AND the heat – good for consistency, and perfectly melted cheese on your ‘burg).

BBQ Tip #2: Plan Ahead

Taking a few extra steps before you start barbequing can make all the difference. Marinade your meat ahead of time to give it extra flavour, and prep your grill for cooking. After pre-heating it, brush any leftovers from previous meals off using a wooden scraper. Oil it to prevent anything from sticking using a paper towel soaked in a plant-derived oil and tongs (don’t use cooking spray!)

BBQ Tip #3: Get Your Flames Right

And by that I mean, no flames at all! Don’t be fooled by the saying ‘flame-grilled’; it’s not ACTUALLY flame grilled. You’ll want to wait until the flames have died down and the embers are grey (but still glowing, not gone out!) before throwing your dinner on the barbie. This ‘white hot’ heat is both the hottest and most even.

BBQ Tip #4: Remember, Barbeques Are Not Just For Meat

It’s easy to get tunnel vision for that prime cut of meat from the butcher, but don’t forget that barbeques are great for cooking things like fish and vegetables, too! Put your veggies on the grill before adding any type of seasoning or dressing to get those amazing charred lines. Add a bit of olive oil after. If you want to grill some fish, why not try a recipe like this one.

There’s no better way to say Welcome to the Neighbourhood, or just to kick off the summer with old friends, than with a backyard BBQ. What’s your favourite meal to grill? Share with me in the comments!

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