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Rosedale Homes for Sale Toronto

Rosedale is located north of Downtown Toronto and is one of its oldest, wealthiest and most highly priced neighbourhoods in Canada.  Rosedale has been ranked the best neighbourhood in Toronto to live by Toronto Life, and is known as the area where the city’s ‘old money’ lives.  Rosedale was formerly the estate of William Botsford Jarvis, and so named by his wife, granddaughter of William Dummer Powell, for the wild roses that grew there in abundance(Source: Rosedale ).  The Jarvis estate was subdivided in 1854 and became Toronto’s first “garden suburb”. The Jarvis Family sold the Rosedale homestead in 1864, which led to the residential development of the area soon after, including the extension of Cluny Drive (Source: Iconic Lodge )  Rosedale is home to some of Canada’s richest and most famous citizens including Gerry Schwartz, founder of Onex Corporation, and Ken Thomson of Thomson Corporation, the latter of whom was the richest man in Canada at the time of his death in 2006 (Forbes). A noteworthy piece of Rosedale’s History, is that it was home to Ontario’s fourth Government House. The house was called Chorley Park, and it was built for the Lieutenant Governor in 1915.  It was demolished in 1960 by the city of Toronto and is now a public park of the same name.  Rosedale’s boundaries consist of the CPR railway tracks to the north, Yonge Street to the west, Aylmer Avenue and Rosedale Valley Road to the south, and Bayview Avenue to the east. The neighbourhood is within the City of Toronto’s Rosedale-Moore Park neighbourhood. The neighbourhood is divided into a north and south portion by the Park Drive Ravine.

Landmark Buildings In Rosedale Toronto

Moore Park

An exclusive Toronto suburb, Moore Park was subdivided in 1889 as a suburb for the wealthy. It’s namesake and creator was a gentleman by the name of John Thomas Moore.

Moore Park lies along both sides of St. Clair Avenue East between the Vale of Avoca section of Rosedale ravine and Moore Park ravine (formerly Spring Valley ravine). The northern boundary is Mount Pleasant Cemetery and the southern the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks.  Surrounded by nature at all sides, it is not surprising that Moore Park is one of Canada’s most sought-after neighborhoods.

Moore Park

Rosedale is combined with the community of Moore Park in the City of Toronto Census data.  In 2016 the population reached 20,923.  (Source: City of Toronto )

The population is 54% female and 46% male.  What is interesting is that the working age population (38%) is almost equivalent to the pre-retirement and Senior population (combined 39%).


The Rosedale – Moore Park population is primarily English speaking (Mother tongue 77% English, Home Language 92% English)  But as with the rest of Toronto, you will hear other languages here too.  At the top of the list is French, Mandarin and Spanish.  (Source: City of Toronto )

Income Demographics

Knowing that Rosedale is one of its oldest, wealthiest and most highly priced neighbourhoods in Canada it is not surprising that the majority of income is over $60,000 and that 30.4% is over $200,000.

Schools in Rosedale Toronto

South Rosedale is currently home to an exclusive all-girls school, Branksome Hall which offers the International Baccalaureate program.

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